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Hi! We are Hayden & Jade Balfour. We have been married for 11 years and have finally decided to do our own thing. We look forward to your support.

Jade has previously spent 7 years in the glass industry in Auckland. Along with her customer service and administration role in the company, she was trained in carrying out windscreen repairs. Hayden has done all sorts, automotive parts, carpet cleaning and repairs, as well as managing a painting company with 26 staff. After moving to Wellington, we decided to use our skills to do something for ourselves. Not only that, but after hearing absurd stories about windscreens "needing" to be replaced when they could have been repaired, it seemed like a no brainer.


We are passionate about repairing windscreens.

Using one of the leading global brands in windscreen repair equipment - Esprit - we can have your windscreen integrity restored in around 30 minutes.


Windscreen repairs are faster, cheaper, better for the environment and less hassle. We don't need to worry about having your windscreen in stock, we can come to you and carry out the repair just about anywhere, and if you have glass cover on your insurance policy, there is normally no excess for your insurance claim. Fixing a chip can mean it won't risk turning into a crack.

We don't do replacement. There's better money in it for replacement, and sadly some companies try and push that rather than repair. At Chipped, we only do windscreen repairs, so you can trust that we will not try to push a service on you that you don't really need. If we can't fix your windscreen... it's because you need to have it replaced. And we won't charge you anything if we can't repair it.


"Thanks guys for an excellent and friendly service. Saved myself $700, which I was quoted for a new windscreen, which I didn’t even need after fixing the two chips. Will definitely recommend."

Charles - Crofton Downs

"The team at Chipped were great. They contacted me very promptly once I completed the form online. The work was completed at home during the day where they arrived on time. Excellent quality of work and they warned me of some 'gotcha' due to the type of chip that was on my windscreen. Highly recommended."

Justin - Clouston Park


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