Terms & Conditions

Windscreen repairs are made in accordance and comply with AS/NZS 2366.1 using a repair system that complies with AS/NZS 2366.2

We may at times request a deposit on acceptance of our quote before installation takes place.


If after acceptance of our quote you are to cancel your booking with us, you will be liable to pay the re-stocking and freight charges incurred to return items to our suppliers if applicable.

While all due care is taken, while carrying out a repair it is possible that the glass may crack beyond repair through no fault of our technician as your windscreen glass is under pressure, you must acknowledge that risk. If this were to happen, you must decide whether you would like us to replace the glass, which will be at your cost. If you wish to proceed with replacement, we will provide you with a quote and if you choose to go ahead we will not charge you for the attempted repair. If you choose to use someone else, payment for our attempted repair is still required.

There is no guarantee that a repair will be invisible. The visibility of a windscreen repair is influenced by the damage at the time of repair. (For example, the amount of dirt within the chip can make the repair more visible). A repair will always be an improvement from the original chip as it will restore the integrity of the windscreen and stop the chip from turning into a crack. However, it may still be visible or left with a blemish (we refer to it as a scar). This is normal and not the result of a defective repair job. In this case, if you are not happy with the look of our repair, we could replace your windscreen at your cost, but you are not entitled to a refund.

If we come across corroded metal (rust as an example) we are unable to install a replacement windscreen on such damaged surfaces. If we find your vehicle to have corrosion that will impact the replacement of the windscreen we will stop work and advise you immediately. You must arrange for the corroded metal to be repaired at your cost before we can continue with the repair.

We acknowledge our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act. In the unlikely event we cause any damage to your vehicle, we can arrange for its repair at no cost to you. If you arrange to have the damage repaired yourself, without our prior written approval, we do not accept to pay all of the costs you incur. We may require you to provide us with reasonable evidence of the damage caused by us, including two written estimates prepared by independent repairers in advance of commencement of the work and without this you acknowledge that we may not be responsible. We also reserve our right to require additional estimates where for any reason we believe the estimated costs are not reasonable.

GUARANTEE: We guarantee all of our work unless it is specifically stated (ie when we warn of the risk of a repair in the CVA and you choose to go ahead). We guarantee our repairs will pass WOF testing for the life of the windscreen and if the repair was to grow or cause failure of a WOF we would credit the repair from our replacement charge. Our replacement work is guaranteed against water leaks that result from our replacement, faulty workmanship and manufacturing faults in the glass we provide (excluding second hand glass). This guarantee does not cover vehicle body defects, rust or any faulty mouldings or rubber seals.