Why Repair?

What's the big deal?

If you have a chip in your windscreen, it might not seem like a big deal. But that little chip has compromised the integrity of your windscreen. If you leave it, bumps on the road or even sudden change in temperature (think heater on cold mornings) may make it grow into a crack, and you don't want that. Repair your windscreen before it becomes a headache.

Don't Wait!

What kind of headache?

If your chip cracks, it could end up needing to be replaced which requires more time and money. Replacing windscreens is a lot more costly, is less environmentally friendly and can often leak. The sooner you carry out the chip repair, the better the result can be too, as dirt and water getting into the affected area can impact the finish of the repair.

Windscreen Repairs will not be invisible. They will generally leave a little "scar". A dull spot is usually visible, but it will generally have a significant improvement compared to the original chip. More importantly, the integrity of the windscreen will be restored.

Vehicle Inspection

Will I fail my WOF?

It's possible. If your chip is in the driver’s line of site, or larger than 25mm, (about the size of a $2 coin) you may fail your Warrant of Fitness. 

But I have Insurance

Can I use you?

You sure can! And what makes it even better, if you have glass cover on your insurance policy, the repairs are usually FREE. Usually not affecting either your No Claims Bonus or Premium.


We can look after you and in most cases we can deal with your insurance company for you, we just need your insurance policy number. Some Insurance companies do require you to call them directly to get a claim number - AMI, State & Tower - but they are happy for us to do the work at your request. 

Can all Damage be Repaired?

Can you fix anything?

The simple answer is No.

There are very specific requirements for what kind of repairs can be done. So give us a call, fill in our online contact form or email us a picture and we will help you determine the next step.


For more information, you can visit the link below to the NZ Transport Agency Guidelines:

What Now?

What should I do?

Contact Us! We will help you. We specialise in windscreen repairs, we don't do replacement. So you can trust that we won't try and push you into a more expensive service for our own benefit. If we can't repair your windscreen, it's because it needs to be replaced.


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